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NEW No. 14 Typhoon Paka - CAUTION lightning

DATE: 2017/08/26

2017 Typhoon real-time path map: No. 14 typhoon Paka will be landing from Shenzhen to Zhanjiang Guangdong , according to the latest typhoon real-time path map shows that this morning had predicted typhoon Paka 27 will be in Hainan then to Guangdong, After running at sea a few hours, it is possible that at noon Aug 27th,2017 typhoon Paka in Shenzhen Guangdong to Zhanjiang landing, it is learned that the typhoon wind level may reaches 12, although it is still not sure, Guangdong must prevent powerful WIND as well as LIGHTNING in time.

According to above, all departments should arrange the duties and safety, security (especially direct lightning protection and powerful wind and other work properly, in case of major unexpected emergencies, it's requested to report timely and make proper disposal according to the provisions to ensure that peace and happy through the holiday.